Friday, September 13, 2019

Strike Up the Band!

I got into music years ago, as a kid when I joined the band. Specifically, the school band. I played the trombone all throughout my school years, playing in every band they had: concert band, jazz band, pep band, the orchestra, and the marching band, to which I dedicated three years and many early mornings and sacred summer days-like the football team, we had to be ready when the season started.

As such, I am a fierce advocate for school bands and marching bands. To the point that I think they should the act during Superbowl halftime shows versus the overblown pap we're often subjected to. This is also true of your average college or pro game foisted upon the public on just about every day of the week: more bands at halftime; less talking heads pontificating on what we already know or don't care about.

This would do wonders for the bands themselves and music as a part of sports.

I thought of this recently, as I was watching the Harvest Festival parade in my hometown of Arvada, Colorado. It's exactly what it sounds like: a local parade filled with local people, including the schools in the area. All the high schools had marching bands and it was both fun and, at time, wistful, to see them.

They're not nearly as large as they once were. But, I suppose, that's to be expected. Less is put into the arts these days, which is a shame. Those of us from the 70's were incredibly fortunate, so much of that was supported and offered.

And without band, none of the music I make today or did for some many years would be possible. So much is infused subconsciously, so much absorbed and not noticed until years later. Yet it's there. 

I hear it so much more clearly now.

©2019 David William Pearce

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